Monday, November 14, 2005


Pick 3

The way to go. Pick 1 sellection from the Supper section and two from the Breakfast/Lunch section. Each pick of 3 will cost $?.?? Now of course these can be eaten as suggested, but there are no rules. Have fun, happy picking. All selections are portioned for two people unless otherwise noted in the item description.

Supper Section

Tortier. A traditional French Canadian meat pie with a blend of beef, veal, and pork, baked in a flaky pastry shell. The spices are the one thing about this mini pie that will send you senses dancing.

Oven Roasted Chicken. This main dish has a lemon and basil spread roasted right into the chicken. Roasted till fall off the bone tender, skin on or skin off is you choice, however skin on is definatly enhances the flavor of the chicken. Also availible in Apricot/Ginger

Broccoli Herb Spagetti. A twist on the clasic pesto, a broccoli puree combine with mazhithra chease and basil searved over your choice of whole wheat or white pasta.Click Here For Picture

Jamacian Beef Patties. A meat pocket pie with all the spice and flavor of the Carribiean. Mixed with chilli peppers, curry, and sweet onions. Click Here for Picture

Braised Beef Brisket. This is slow roasted cut of beef cooks for 8 hours before it is searved, it is accompanied with a beef gravy that is a taste explosion. Click Here for Picture

Spicy Meat Loaf. This free formed loaf is filled with seasonal vedgatbles and spiced evey step of the way. If you like it hot you will love this loaf. Click Here for Picture

Pork Wrap. This wrap is stuffed with orange ginger carrots, green peppers, tsatsiki sause, and greek style pork. Click Here for Picture

Aloo Gobi. A vegan Indian dish that is curry based with the highlights being califower and potatoe.

Roast Beef. A garlic infused roast that is so tender you wont need a steak knife to cut it, you can use your fork.

Basic Meatloaf. If the spicy is not for you, take up this clasic everyone knows meat loaf. comfort food from the past.

Butter Chicken. A creamy Indian dish that has white chicken in a saffron sauce. Searving sized for one

Breakfast/Lunch & Side Section

Tabbouleh. A Vegan salad that has a meditranian feel to it. Bulgar wheat, with a huge helping of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, scallions, galic,and a balsamic and olive oil dressing

Butternut Squash Mash. This is a low carb alternative to everones favorite mashed potatoes. The squash is slow roasted and mashed with pecans and spices.

Patatoe Pancakes. This simple dish has been searved for breakfast and supper in famlies across the world for thousands of years. Now the ninja can bring it to your door.

Rice Pudding. This custard based rice pudding is first chalked full of rasins and then baked in the oven with a nice mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg on top

Home Made Bread. A bread recipe that has been in our family for several generations. This traditional loaf is made by hand (no bread machine) free formed and baked under a watchful eye, available in white, whole wheat, herb (olive, oregano, rosemary)

Bannana Bread. This clasic loaf is hand mixed and lower in fat because it is prepaired with fat free yogurt instead of oil. Is normaly made with pecans but almond or nut free is also an option. Click Here for Picture

Savoury Corn Bread. This is corn bread is loaded with leeks, whole corn kernals, and chease. One round of this bread will keep you comming back for more. Here for Picture

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Strawberry Puree. A stack that is topped with the ninjas secret berry puree. Click Here for Picture

Greek Salad. The clasic salad with all the old country ingredient Click Here for picture Searving sized for one

Leek and Potatoe Soup. This chicken broth soup contains a rich mixture of leeks, potatoe, and sausage. The spices in the soup will make you sing. Click Here for picture

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